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My FAVORITE Time of Year....Fall!

It's that busy time of year....F A L L! Back to school, routines, homework, Christmas shopping (anyone else??), and fall family pictures! Oh, it is a very busy time of year, but I love it so much. Checking off all those to-do boxes just makes me so happy! I had my own family pictures done just a couple of weeks ago and it FELT SO GOOD to get it done. Anyone else like to make a photo book at the end of the year? Christmas cards and our family photo book will be a BREEZE this year!

Don't panic if you haven't booked your fall photo session yet. There is still plenty of time! I am happy to say that my calendar is more full this year than in the past, but I still have weekends and LOTS of weekdays still open. The best part, I am offering 10% off bookings this fall. Yup. I love keeping busy haha! Click "Contact Me" below and mention this blog post for your discount. And let's make some magic. Here are some lovely photos from this fall so far....

September 11 2018

What will your family pictures look like??

If you're anything like me, you want to update your pictures soooo badly. But then you start to wonder....what will they look like? Should I wait a few months to get in my best shape ever? Should I wait til my son's haircut grows up a bit more (I LOVE his messy long waves!)? Should I wait til I can afford that new dress I've been dying to buy from Anthropologie? Or when the baby can walk by herself? 

Here's what I've found after stressing about all of the above (those are some of my real excuses!). One month, two months, six months.....DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Are you really wanting to take family pictures to show off that new dress? Will you love your baby girl any differently when she can walk vs crawl? Nope. Nope. 

The bottomline: Your family pictures are about love, relationships, having fun, and showcasing alllll that personality on the walls of your home.

Let me show you what I mean....

And guess what, you didn't even notice the clothes, the hair, or any of the details that don't even matter. Amiright? ;) 

August 2, 2018

These are not your Mom's Senior Pictures....

Salt Lake Senior Portraits, Whitney Charles

I know've been thinking about senior pictures, and also dreading them. Maybe you're like me and plan on skipping them altogether. I loathed the idea of fake smiles, stiff poses and the awkwardness of not knowing what to do. Now looking back on it, I do wish I had captured some memories of that time in my life, because it's more than just remembering high school. It's the start of a new chapter of independence and finding yourself (plus, senior pictures make for GREAT professional head shots). I promise that senior pictures can be a BLAST! We'll spend our time doing what you love (no stiff poses or fake smiles here), and leave it to me to find flattering angles and gorgeous light to let your personality shine through!

                                             May 3, 2018

The Sweetest Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Session

There is something so sweet about an in-home newborn session. For 9 months, or longer, you've been nesting and preparing your home to bring home your little loved one. To finally have them safe and home is one of the greatest feelings. I love when my clients let me into their home to capture those fleeting moments. Seeing the nursery you've created, the tiny baby clothes hanging in the closet, and hearing the quiet tiptoeing around a sleeping baby brings back so many memories for me. I cherish those memories and wish I had had someone photograph those memories for me!

BUT LET'S BE REAL....... I also relish the dirty diapers, used burp cloths, and un-vacuumed floors. Why? Because that's real life and a messy home is where I feel most at home! I challenge you to find ONE thing that looks out of place in these photos. Find just ONE thing that looks like it's dirty or doesn't belong and I will give you a free Connection Session. I would bet money (in fact, I just did) that you won't be able to find a single thing. But here is a secret....while this client's house was a LOT more organized and clean than my own, it wasn't perfect. Homes never are 'perfect'. You just need to hire a photographer that's really really good at hiding imperfections and is flexible enough to shoot around obstructions ;)

In half these photos I was leaning over a porta-crib or climbing under a cluttered table to get the 'perfect' shot, with minimal distractions.

Find ONE thing that doesn't belong.....(I'll give you a hint, they are ALL over, but you won't see a single one!)

March 15, 2018

Mad Libs Style!

I thought it fitting for this very first blog post to introduce myself, and why not play a little Mad Libs while I'm at it?!

Hi, I’m: Whitney Charles! And I am a: wife, mother, redhead (or maybe strawberry brunette haha), only child, and occasionally I'm a runner too

People often refer to me as: adventurous, motivated, thoughtful, a good listener

I love serving the world by: capturing the way people feel through photographs, and giving them that memory to cherish for a lifetime

The things I am most passionate about in life are: my family, and my family. They are everything to me (especially being the only child that I am!)

I photograph people that: wish they could freeze time and remember all the small details of this stage in life

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you probably don’t know about me

1. I have a Bachelor’s in consumer and family finance

2. Before starting my photography business, I worked for Goldman Sachs

3.My family has a small ranch in Wyoming that we like to visit as often as possible (my favorite place ever!) (If you follow me on FB or Instagram you'll notice a lot of pictures from Wyoming)

4. I have two small dogs, but I LOVE big dogs! The bigger the better! Bring your big (or small) dog to a photo session and I’ll bring the doggie treats :)

5. When I’m not busy doing my favorite hobby (you guessed it, photography), I like to cook, garden, organize and watch lots of movies Still here? Let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook (@whitneyleecharlesphoto, or click below)

! I’d love to hear from you by email as well (click below)

x x 12/10/2017

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