About Whitney - Whitney Charles


Hi- I'm Whitney!

Some things I love are watching Friends, homemade raspberry ice cream, organizing, and I like my cameras alright :) But seriously, what I LOVE more than my cameras are the prints hanging on my wall.

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that a photo isn't real until it's printed. That's why I have four magnetic walls in my house to make it easy to collage and change out my current photographs. It's a thing of beauty. You can get a little glimpse of some favorite photos currently on the walls by scrolling down.

Before my dream job of being a mom and photographer, I worked at a large investment bank settling trades from Wall Street. Serendipity had other plans. I had been photographing my kids for some time, and through social media, people started to reach out to me for sessions.  What started as a trickle, soon became a stream. After the reactions and encouragement of my first clients, I decided to open the flood gates and create an official business. I photographed 50 families my first year, and haven't looked back since. I feel so lucky to have met and made so many wonderful friends through this little business! 

Some of My Current Favorites on the Wall...

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